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The Myth about Blood Sugars and Diabetes

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  • At 2014.08.17 09:13, Sarah Arinda said:

    Hey Dr. Berg, thanks for the info its good. My mother suffers from type 2
    diabetes, along the way is started losing weight involuntarily. What causes
    weight loss in a diabetes patient that without trying to lose it? 

    • At 2014.08.17 09:55, barry moore said:

      very understandable u need to go on dr.oz……thanks

      • At 2014.08.17 10:47, Michael Drosse said:

        what a handsome man !! by the way im a woman…. you explain it good but
        im mesmerized more with your Looks !.. no haters please .. lol !!

        • At 2014.08.17 11:07, stunthumb said:

          I don’t think type 1 Diabetes is caused by too much sugar, it’s an
          auto-immune disease, in other words the body rejects it’s own insulin.

          I wish they’d completely separate type 1 and 2 diabetes… frankly it’s 2
          diseases, one is probably hereditary and one is often caused by diet. I
          just think it affects attitudes and so affects charities and research
          distribution. Type 1 and type 2 are very different diseases, I have no
          idea why they are called the same thing, when it’s not even the same organ
          that is the issue.

          • At 2014.08.17 11:55, Jackson Noccturnal said:

            I am a type 1 diebetic and i have been called ‘fatass its your fault your
            diebetic’ when i had nothing to do with it. It just makes me so sad, i
            didnt do anything 

            • At 2014.08.17 12:40, Billy Staggs said:

              People seem to think that eating sugar causes diabetes. WRONG! I worked in
              a Nursing Home for several years as an LPN, and let me tell you. There were
              elderly ppl that ate sugar their entire lives, and did not have diabetes.
              It is genetic! 

              • At 2014.08.17 13:17, MoonlightDoom said:

                This guy is not a Dr of Medicine.. So why the fuck is he commenting on a
                subject he is not trained in? He is a Doctor of Chiropractic lol yeah.
                Damn who needs to study for 8yrs to become a medical doctor when you can
                do it in two at a diploma mill. 

                • At 2014.08.17 13:24, WyntersFrost said:

                  wow.. that is alot of potassium..I am considered a type 2 diabetic.. and I
                  am very thin.. Yet my sugars will not come down.. I eat alot of salads.,..
                  tuna. etc… banana’s are a no no for me.. they spike my sugars really
                  high… Potatoes skins are good for potassium… I have not even eaten a
                  orange in years.. This is tough for me to manage.. I am on 2 shots a day..

                  • At 2014.08.17 13:28, Hypohair said:

                    You educated me on various points, however. When I was young there were
                    diabetics, although not many and they didn’t eat much sugar or junk, why do
                    you say it is down to that? Also Kale? In my county in the working classes
                    we had access to seasonal veggies only, I had never heard of kale until
                    recently. We ate a really good dinner on Sundays, and stews and things
                    during the week. We certainly never could afford the veggies in the
                    quantities advocated by nutritional doctors nowadays. Most of our
                    grandparents died very old. We have liver problems, and thyroid problems, I
                    blame the environment and farming methods not to mention the disruption of
                    the body by toxic medications nowadays, sorry to disagree with your causes.
                    Good video but for that.

                    • At 2014.08.17 13:48, PhiberOptics said:

                      If you live in the US i recommend if you want Potassium Zico Coconut Water
                      is really good a 11.2 oz of their coconut water has 490mg per bottle and
                      its bretty good on them hot summer days or after a work out in the gym.

                      • At 2014.08.17 14:44, nmg70nmg said:

                        How about Lugol’s potassium iodine solution? Since, I’ve been taking it my
                        blood sugar levels have regulated itself. The entire endocrine system needs
                        it, not just the thyroid. And you know the role of the the endocrine system
                        is to regulate all the functions of the body. check into it, there are
                        lot’s of doctors out there who’ve found that over 90 percent of the
                        population is iodine deficient. 

                        • At 2014.08.17 15:34, Jimmy Findlater said:

                          ‘normal’ is closer to 85 mg/dL. Fasting BG above 100 mg/dL and less than
                          126 mg/dL is diagnostic of pre-diabetes.
                          Type 2 is not necessarily only insulin resistant. It can also include only
                          low insulin or both low insulin and insulin resistance. Type 1 can also
                          have insulin resistance even with injected insulin. Metformin doesn’t do
                          much for insulin resistance. With type 2 you can also require insulin
                          injections. What really wrecks the liver is fructose. Is there anything
                          in addition to kale that’s good for the liver?

                          • At 2014.08.17 16:34, aeroliner750 said:

                            ok i dont know what to think anymore i am new to this and alot worried and
                            not sure what in the hell to do cinnamin kale olive oil fruits veggitbles
                            beans they sre all goood for ya no they arent good for you

                            • At 2014.08.17 16:37, lynette1231 said:

                              You, Dr. Berg sound so authoritative and so sane, but then I found out you
                              were leading a branch of the Church of Scientology – I was in a cult for
                              about 23 yrs and I think you belong to a cult too as these organisations do
                              not allow you to be yourself!!!!!!! I can’t appreciate or trust you as much
                              anymore! Sorry!

                              • At 2014.08.17 17:02, Ryan Clark said:

                                Dr. Douche, I wish you people would quick lumping T1’s and T2’s together.
                                T2’s are fakers in my book. Its a self imposed disease thru lack of
                                control and discipline. 

                                • At 2014.08.17 17:09, LandscapeArtist said:

                                  Is this guy a real doctor? Much of what he said is not fact at all. Also if
                                  type 2 diabetes is not an insulin issue but insulin receptor issue then why
                                  do type 2 diabetics shoot up insulin. He also never mentioned fruits.
                                  Fruits help type 2 diabetics reduce insulin use. After arguments from my
                                  family on this who are diabetics I then convinced them to reduce fat intake
                                  and increase fruit intake and they found themselves using far less and far
                                  often no insulin by increasing fruit intake and stopping white foods like
                                  flour and fatty foods as well.

                                  • At 2014.08.17 17:22, Nikola Bozilovic said:

                                    Can someone explain me about the liver thing?So,basically,i understood that
                                    the liver has it own hormone.What i don’t understand is,how does that
                                    hormone affects the insulin hormone ? Can someone explain me how,and how
                                    can i increase that hormone in the liver to gain more control over my blood
                                    sugar? Tnx.

                                    • At 2014.08.17 17:55, Stan Rodgers said:

                                      Fats are also used by cells for energy. Some cells (brain) need the fats
                                      broken down first into ketones, right? You should give the fats and
                                      ketones a shout out as well when talking about energy. Not sure I could
                                      explain the difference between lipids, cholesterol and triglycerides.
                                      Cholesterols are transport bodies that we make to transport fats (lipids)?
                                      Are triglycerides free fatty acids?

                                      • At 2014.08.17 18:16, channa1955 said:

                                        Thank you so much for the tip on potassium!

                                        • At 2014.08.17 19:07, A.B. Anand said:

                                          Thanks so informative really good way to explain and share knowledge. God
                                          bless you.

                                          • At 2014.08.17 19:52, Mike Breler said:

                                            Insulin resistance is not at all just a condition of liver cells. All cells
                                            that burn glucose can become insulin resistant and do at approximately the
                                            same rate in those that are in insulin resistant.. Chiropractors should
                                            stick to what they learn in chiropractic school.

                                            • At 2014.08.17 20:52, Brooklyn Hudson said:

                                              I love that he uses the terminology…”by TAKING kale.” Our medical system
                                              is broken. We’re treating symptoms by TAKING pills and creating new
                                              ailments which need more pills, rather than TAKING nutrition as medicine.
                                              Good video.

                                              • At 2014.08.17 21:12, Manfaat daun binahong said:

                                                good information, may I embed this video to my blog ?

                                                • At 2014.08.17 21:24, rose smith said:

                                                  doc are you aware of the latest studies on this stuff? are you aware that
                                                  fat and sugar are burned at the same time? organs burn mostly fat for their
                                                  fuel sugar is secondary, in fact sugar is the spark and the fat the log
                                                  your not burning one or the other exclusively you burn both when in full
                                                  oxygen your burning fat even at rest (from research about marathon runners
                                                  and a medical book I read on obesity) sugar is the gasoline and fat the
                                                  diesel fuel, a lot of good research stuff on pubmed about this, seen some
                                                  good articles in the magazine clinical nutrition endrochrnology journal
                                                  forgot the name. I never heard the potassiumthings sounds intrigueing, and
                                                  do you know about vitad3 and cholesterol sulfate being needed by cells to
                                                  handle sugar and that theproblem is not high insulin causing the receptors
                                                  to shut down? I suffer metabolic syndrome have all the symptoms noted for
                                                  that and have tried every supplement, diet under the sun nothing help, the
                                                  only thing helping with all my miserable symptoms I have/had to endure was
                                                  vitad3 and vita c, b and all the minerals and adding whole foods minimizing
                                                  packaged junk, if I go to low on vitad3 below 12000 iu per day my symptoms
                                                  gradually reappear over 3-4 weeks despite my good diet. I truly understand
                                                  the poor protein retention in muscle because when you have this you lose
                                                  training effect from exercise. it also causes muscle pain way our of
                                                  proportion to workout efforts and you body will rob one part of your body
                                                  to supply a more important part, cholesterol sulfate, we call it
                                                  inflammation, or arthritis or ms, or chrones disease but the reality is the
                                                  body steals from one part to supply a more important part the cholesterol
                                                  sulfate. by the way kale sucks, most can not eat this stuff very often
                                                  enough to make a difference for me I juiced it I ate it,nothing worked it
                                                  is disgusting.

                                                  • At 2014.08.17 21:57, Leland Cox said:

                                                    Health Issues and it sucks, But we must respond to the urgent call of our
                                                    personal health: Mandatory self-defense driven changes, HUh ??? Discipline
                                                    can be hard to find?