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Insulin Syringe – Insulin Syringe Care Tips

Insulin dependent diabetics require that they administer the insulin directly into their bodies through a syringe. The syringe serves as a very important medical tool that allows these people to receive the medications that they need to live a normal life. It might appear to be a fairly easy procedure the use of an insulin syringe requires a lot of proper care and storage. When a syringe is not cared for properly it could result in serious injuries or diseases that can be contracted from the neglected syringe.

The most important care tip for an insulin syringe is to make sure that all the syringes that are being used are sterilized. When the syringes are purchased at the drugstore or pharmacy they come with plastic caps on the tops of the needles. These caps serve as a way of indicating to users whether the syringe has been previously used. It can be assumed that if the cap is missing the syringe has been used and will no longer be considered sterilized. Previously used syringes or the use of a non-sterilized syringe can result in infections caused by the needle’s expose to dirt or germs or the possibility of the person contracting some type of blood borne illness.

Another important care tip for those that use an insulin syringe is to ensure that the syringes one is using are in good condition for use. Syringes can last a long time when properly cared for. However, the longer a syringe is stored the higher the chances are that the condition of the syringe is not acceptable for use. Older insulin needles can sometimes rust over time, become brittle and break easily or even loosen from the syringe bottle completely all of these things can prevent the proper administration of insulin to the diabetic. If an older syringe is being used it is a good idea to check the structure of the needle as well as checking for spots of rust that may have developed over time.

It is important that those that rely upon an insulin syringe ensure that the syringes they are using are cared for properly. Properly cared for syringes will prevent the risk of injury to themselves and others as well as prevent them from contracting illnesses or infections that often come from the use of syringes that are not care for properly. By just following two easy syringe care tips these injuries and illnesses can be avoided completely.

Susan Halpern is an expert on insulin syringe and related topics. To learn more about this topic and syringe safety, please visit http://www.Syringe-Safety.com

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William Steffey – Diabetic

William Steffey – Diabetic
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Insulin Pump Basics

In less than one human lifetime, diabetes has transitioned from a universally fatal disease to one that’s become manageable, and the management of diabetes has become more automated. One of the key improvements on this is the insulin pump, which allows a diabetic to put a pre-measured dose of insulin in their system without messing around with syringes.

A pump usually has a 2-3 day supply of rapid acting insulin in its reservoir; the reservoir connects to the body through a thin tube, which plugs into a cannula in your body, which acts like a lodged input port. Like the reservoir, the cannula has to be changed every two to three days to maintain sterility and avoid infections.

Insulin pumps store their insulin in cartridges, and work pretty much identically to an injection pen. Where an insulin pump differs from an injector is that it provides a constant low dose of insulin at all times (something that would be terribly inconvenient to do with a syringe). Around the time you eat or exercise, you can boost the insulin you get.

Now, this doesn’t mean you never have to monitor your blood glucose levels – but it does mean that you’ll avoid having the “insulin yo-yo effect” of putting insulin into your system, eating a snack and waiting for your blood sugar levels to stabilize. Some of the more advanced insulin pumps will actually give readings on your blood sugar level, but the technology isn’t quite there to have them do monitor-and-release triggers.

Insulin pumps can be worn in the shower, and while swimming, through the simple matter is that there’s no clothes to hook them on to in a convenient place, so few people bother. A concern of insulin pump users is that because they need changing every three days or so, it’s easy to get out of the habit of having an insulin ‘kit’ around, with extra insulin pump cartridges for a quick swap. Of lesser concern is that the batteries can run down if you’re not careful with them. However, compared to daily (or ‘every meal time’) injections, they’re a great boon.

Most insulin pumps are given to Type I diabetics who do not product insulin in their own – the insulin pump’s ability to give a basal insulin level is a great benefit here, because insulin is a regulatory hormone for a lot of other reactions in the body, and this greatly ameliorates the health impact of the condition.

Insulin is a hormone essential to the conversion of sugar, starches and other foods into natural energy and the regulation of glucose uptake into most blood cells. An Insulin Pump has a disposable reservoir for insulin (inside the pump). For a detailed description on Diabetic Supplies, visit ValueMedical.com.

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Diabetes and the eye
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A diabetic teenager was kicked out of a drive-in movie theater because he brought in some candy, violating the theater's policy against outside food. "Have someone tell me no, because of a really dumb reason. It's just really humiliating," 16-year-old …
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Fibrate Seems to Reduce CVD Risk in Diabetic Women
Contrary to earlier results, fenofibrate may actually lower cardiovascular risk in women with type 2 diabetes, researchers found. In a secondary analysis of data from the FIELD study, taking this fibrate was associated with a 30% reduction in overall …
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The Myth about Blood Sugars and Diabetes

http://drberg.com/body-type-quiz?source=youtube For more information about Dr. Berg’s 3-day intensive program in Alexandria, Virginia, call 703-354-7336. Dr….
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The Diabetes Treatment

 Glucose which is held in constant regulation by hormones in the body helps generate energy for the performance of various physical activities. Apart from other hormones insulin secreted by the pancreas helps to keep glucose in check. Level of blood sugar or glucose beyond the normal range of (70- 140mg/dl) leads to diabetes or Hyperglycemia.


Diabetes treatment aims at keeping the blood glucose level within the normal range by insulin administration or employing medication that helps in glucose reduction. Insulin is provided by injections or by means of drug injector. Diet, exercise, less intake of alcohol, soft drinks and beverages also the parts of diabetes treatment. Diet should not only be balanced but should be so timed that it ensures the control of insulin, which in turn controls the level of sugar. Junk food and food high in Carbohydrate content such as white bread and potato should be avoided. On the other hand food high in fiber content such as green leafy vegetable, bean and peas sprout help in the treatment of Diabetes. The aforementioned food helps in preventing and delaying sugar absorption.


Reduction of body weight thereby adapting the body’s sensitivity to insulin also prevents the spike in the sugar level. Regular workouts and exercises are highly important in this regard. In some cases of diabetes oral medicines are also used. DPP-4 inhibitor which comes in various names is the usual oral medicine used for controlling Diabetes.


 Certain naturopathic measures have also gained in immense popularity as part of the diabetes treatment. It involves the use of herbs and plant extracts as curative means. The best one is the use of bitter gourd. Bitter gourd juice directly contributes to the reduction of the sugar level. Even the intake of fried bitter-gourd serves a similar purpose. A powdered mixture of turmeric, fenugreek and white pepper also aid the reduction of blood sugar. Soaking fenugreek overnight in water followed by drinking the water after removing the soaked seeds is also a part of the naturopathic treatment.


Patients undergoing diabetes treatment should be aware of Hypoglycemia which results from excessive control of blood sugar, either by excessive dosage of insulin or medicine prescribed. Strenuous exercises may also lead to the same conditions which may result in sudden collapse death. It is important to take in chocolate or some kind of sugar when such conditions manifest. Self medication should never be resorted to in its treatment.

Read more about the comparison of insulin pumps and ADI Insulin.

Article by Jenny, content writer at Inter-Dev Internet Marketing Company

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New rules let teachers give insulin shots
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MannKind agrees to license its inhaled-insulin drug Afrezza to Sanofi
… regulatory and development activities for the drug, Afrezza, the companies announced Monday. MannKind could also receive $ 775 million if Afrezza meets sales and development targets. The drug would be the only inhalable form of insulin on the market.
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11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Sanofi and MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ:MNKD) announced today that they have entered into a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement for development and commercialization of Afrezza® (insulin human) Inhalation Powder, …
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Insulin – Anymore

Insulin – Anymore
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Protective hinge process enables insulin to bind to cells

Protective hinge process enables insulin to bind to cells
Since its landmark discovery in 1922, insulin has improved the health and extended the lives of more than 500 million people worldwide with diabetes mellitus. Yet the question of how this key hormone binds to its target cells in the body's organs has …
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Law allowing timely insulin injection approved
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – Gov. Pat Quinn has signed a measure into law that allows diabetics to inject insulin where and when they need to. Sponsoring Sen. Mattie Hunter – a Chicago Democrat and member of the Illinois Diabetes Caucus – says people with …
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Insulin – What Happened Last Night

Insulin – What Happened Last Night
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Diabetes Effects on Body Animation 3D

Top info for diabetes effects on the body Medical Video Title: Diabetes Effects on Body Animation 3D Channel: Endocrinology.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

PLEASE help me improve these videos! Take this quick survey about how the videos help you learn: http://goo.gl/BjU8bk Description of pathophysiology of type …
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